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TarFisDock : a web server for identifying drug targets with docking approach

TarFisDock Server is restarted on 08/30/2014!

Given a small molecule which can be drug, drug candidate, natural product, or new synthetic compound, TarFisDock docks it into the protein targets in PDTD (Potential Drug Target Database), and outputs the top 2%, 5% or 10% candidates ranked by the energy score, including their binding conformations and a table of the related target information.

The server is freely accessible for anonymous user. And one user's result is protected from being retrieved by another. However users are encouraged to fill in a very simple registration form for better safety and convenience.

Now submit your molecular structure(in mol2 format) by clicking

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  • Applications

    1. J. Cai, C. Han, T. Hu, J. Zhang, D. Wu, F. Wang, Y. Liu, J. Ding, K. Chen, J. Yue, X. Shen & H. Jiang. Peptide deformylase is a potential target for anti-Helicobacter pylori drugs: Reverse docking, enzymatic assay, and x-ray crystallography validation. Protein Sci (2006) URL
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  • Comments/Questions

    Feel free to send comments or questions about the TarFisDock and PDTD. Registered user please post on our forum.


News:  TarFisDock is free for registration!

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