PDTD [Potential Drug Target Database]



PDTD is a dual function database that associates an informatics database to a structural database of known and potential drug targets. PDTD is a comprehensive, web-accessible database of drug targets, and focuses on those drug targets with known 3D-structures. PDTD contains 1207 entries covering 841 known and potential drug targets with structures from the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

Drug targets of PDTD were categorized into 15 and 13 types according to two criteria: therapeutic areas and biochemical criteria.

The database supports extensive searching function using PDB ID, target name and category, related disease.Each record of drug target was prudently annotated by hyperlinks to other databases, such as DrugBank, TTD, ExPASy Proteomics Server and KEGG etc.

In conclusion, PDTD serves as the cornerstone for TarFisDock to identify the potential binding targets in-silico.


Biochemical Criteria

Distribution of targets by biochemical criteria


Therapeutic Area

Distribution of targets in therapeutic areas


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